KLE School, Dharwad
(Affiliated to CBSE,Delhi) (Affiliation no.-830620)

List of Holidays

Date Day Events
25-Apr-21 Sunday MahaveeraJayanthi
01-May-21 Saturday May Day / Labour day
08-May-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
14-May-21 Friday Khutba-e-Ramzan
15-May-21 Saturday BasavaJayanthi
22-May-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
12-Jun-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
26-Jun-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
10-Jul-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
20-Jul-21 Tuesday Id-ul-Adha
24-Jul-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
14-Aug-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
15-Aug-21 Sunday Independence Day
19-Aug-21 Thursday Last Day of Moharamm
28-Aug-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
10-Sep-21 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi/VarasiddhiVinayakaVrata
11-Sep-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
25-Sep-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
02-Oct-21 Saturday Gandhi Jayanthi
06-Oct-21 Wednesday MahalayaAmavasye
09-Oct-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
14-Oct-21 Thursday MahaNavami
15-Oct-21 Friday VijayaDasami
19-Oct-21 Tuesday Id-E-Milad
20-Oct-21 Wednesday MaharshiValmikiJayanti
23-Oct-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
01-Nov-21 Monday Kannada Rajyothsava
04-Nov-21 Thursday Deepavali / Diwali
04-Nov-21 Thursday NarakaChaturdashi
13-Nov-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
22-Nov-21 Monday KanakadasaJayanthi
27-Nov-21 Saturday 4th Saturday
11-Dec-21 Saturday 2nd Saturday
25-Dec-21 Saturday Christmas Da
14-Jan Fri Makara Sankranti
26-Jan Wed Republic Day
01-Mar Tue Maha Shivaratri
13-Apr Wed Ugadi
14-Apr Thu Mahavir Jayanti
14-Apr Thu Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
15-Apr Fri Good Friday
01-May Sun May Day
03-May Tue Idul Fitr
03-May Tue Basava Jayanti
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