KLE School, Dharwad
(Affiliated to CBSE,Delhi) (Affiliation no.-830620)

Co- Curricular Activities

SL.NO Month Topic Grade Activity
1 JUNE Milk day 1,2 Importance of milk (short video)
3,4,5 Visit to a milk dairy
6,7,8 Narrate a mythological story on cow
9,10 Visit to KMF
2 World bicycle day
1,2 Draw and colour a bicycle
3,4,5 List out the types and parts of bicycle.
3 JULY World Population Day 1,2 Theme-
“Small family, Happy family. Make a greeting card and stick your family picture.
3,4,5 Collect some slogans on population growth and present it in the class.
6,7,8 Discuss on How overpopulation effects natural resources.
9,10 Debate on impact of population on our educational system.
4 World Nature conservation 1 to 5 Taking care of the kitchen garden
6 to 10 Taking care of the school garden
5 AUGUST National Small 1,2 Virtual tour to small
Industries scale industry.
3,4,5 Make pickle taking help from parents at
6 Tourist places of Uttarakhand 1,2 Virtual tour to Uttarakhand.
3,4,5 Draw the map of Uttarakhand and
mention its districts.
6,7,8 Act as a guide and explain about one tourist place of
9,10 Make a travel brochure on
7 September Nutrition Week 1,2 Prepare nutritional snacks with parents(food without
3,4,5 Identify the ingredients on packaged snacks and write a report on percentage of
6,7,8 Prepare a chart on balanced diet and present it in the
9,10 Information about
FDA(roles of FDA and FSSAI)
8 November Regional Games of Uttarakhand 1 and2 Playing regional games of Uttarakhand with class teacher
3,4,5 Prepare a collage on traditional games of Uttarakand and speak about them.
6,7,8 Prepare the playing board for Bagh Bakari game and play
in the school.
9.1 Play regional games of Uttarakhand in a school campus
9 December Sources and Energy of Uttarakhand 1,2 Prepare a model of any one source of energy
3,4,5 Present research based report of hydroelectric power station and dams of
6,7,8 Present a report on renewable energies of Uttarakand.
9,10 Prepare statistics of electricity consumption by different sectors in
10 JANUARY History and culture of Uttarakhand 1,2 Dress up and speak on tradition of Uttarakand.
3,4,5 Stick pictures of Uttarakand dance
forms and explain.
6,7,8 Prepare a dish of Uttarakhand with parents.(Food without fire)
9,10 Present mehendi art of Uttarakhand (Activity with parents)
Wild life of Uttarakhand 1,2 Prepare mask of any wild animal of
11 Uttarakhand
3,4,5 Prepare origami of animal, birds and flowers of Uttarakhand

Inter KLE Quiz Contest


Fancy dress competition of Freedom Fighters


House wise Quiz Competition


The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities including art and craft, sports and games, music and dance, quiz, essay, elocution, debate, storytelling, poetry recitation, science exhibition, Yoga, Karate and many more. Students are trained in English diction with emphasis on building vocabulary and refining accent, social etiquette, table manners, conversational skills and public speaking.

Students participate in and are an integral part of the organizing of a variety of activities on campus and this contributes to comprehensive learning.


It’s a festival cum enjoyment along with games and foodies. Students along with their House teachers have different stalls with tricky games and delicious and mouth watering dishes. Students have the practical knowledge of dealing with the people, handling cash, under the supervision of their teachers. It’s organized on Children’s day every year.

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