KLE School, Dharwad
(Affiliated to CBSE,Delhi) (Affiliation no.-830620)


Education is the movement from darkness to light. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. So every day is a fresh opportunity to learn. To achieve success in life one should do hard work.

Our school has all the qualities like discipline, dedication and punctuality. We begin the day with prayer. Prayer brings peace of mind. It nourishes, strengthens you and builds stage courage. As children should know their responsibilities, we allot them their duties like commands, thought, thought meaning, article, amazing facts, news, pledge. Students do their work enthusiastically.

At last there is a teachers talk, where teacher asks some G.K questions, narrates a story, famous personality, yoga and mass drill.

We also celebrate students and teachers birthday in the assembly.

Our mission is to achieve leadership quality and be self-disciplined, punctual and follow the rules and code of conduct.

Day Theme
Monday  General knowledge question
Tuesday  Proverb
Wednesday  ( Moral Based )Skit
Thursday  Great Personality
Friday  Current Affairs
Saturday  M.D/Yoga
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